Final Project 20%
(including your site + promotion video + festivals and Adobe Competition submission)
Peer evaluation 10%
Inspiration Presentation 5%
Stylescape + User Profile Presentation 5%
User Flow Diagram Presentation 5%
Prototype Presentation 5% (Midterm)
Participation 50%
: Critique, discussion, In Class Ex, updates of your final project

Inspiration + Idea Presentation: Vision/Ideation/Reflection
– Inspiration and infuluence: gather visuals, imagery, motions, UI/UX design, VR, AR based on storytelling, style, colors, editing, compositions, and etc.
– Theoretical Practice: come up with questions and bullet points of your story
– Critical investigation: find 3 UI/UX examples
– Style: come up with samples of your style inspiration and colors
20 Excellent UI/UX Design Animation Examples For Inspiration
Mobile UI & UX Design Trends 2020
10 Excellent UI/UX Mobile Apps Design Trend To Expect in 2020
Best 20 Example UI/UX Design For Mobile App

Prototype Presentation
Create the final project site and complete Pre production:
Main Page – Final video + Description
Development page – Stylescape (logo, color scheme, typography, icons, button usage, photos,) user profiles, User flow Diagram, UI design, UI/UX animation plan
Team/About page – Bio(3rd person perspective) + Photo
User Profile/Persona
Demographics, Geographical information, Psychographics, Socio-Economic Classification with names and photos

Final Project
Completed prototype + Promotion video/animation
: Any UI/UX involved application (Website, Apps, Game, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.)
: Create a Stylescape, User flow diagram, UI/UX design/animation, and Promotion Video/Animation

***Previous students’ projects